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Aluminum Sheet & Plate

Alloy Specifications
2024‑0B, T3B, T81B,T351B,T851B ASTM B209, AMS 4035, AMS 4037, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/4
2024‑0C, T3C, T81C, T351CASTM B209, AMS 4040, AMS 4041, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/5
2219‑0B, T31B, T81B, T351B, T851B ASTM B209, AMS 4031, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/30
2219‑0C, T31C, T81C ASTM B209,AMS 4094, AMS 4095, AMS,4096
5052‑H32, H34 ASTM B209, AMS 4016, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/8
6061‑0B, T4B, T6B, T651B ASTM B209, AMS 4025, AMS 4026, AMS 4027, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/11
6013‑T4B ASTM B209, AMS 4347
7050‑0B, T7451B, T7651B ASTM B209, AMS 4050, AMS 4021
7075‑0B, T6B, T73B,T76B, T651B, T7351B, T7651B ASTM B209, AMS 4044, AMS 4045, AMS 4078, AMQ‑QQ‑A‑250/12, AMS‑QQ‑A‑250/24
7075‑0C, T6C, T73C, T651C, T7651C ASTM B209, AMS 4048,AMS 4049, AMS 4078, AMS‑QQ‑A‑25013
7475‑T7351 ASTM B209, AMS 4202
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Aluminum Rod & Bar

Alloy Specifications
2011‑T3, T3511 ASTM B211
2014‑T6, T6511 ASTM B221
2024‑T3, T3511, T8511 ASTM B221, AMS 4152, AMS 4165, AMS‑QQ‑A‑200/3
2024‑T4, T351, T851 ASTM B211, AMS 4120, AMS 4349, AMS‑QQ‑A‑225/6
2219‑T851, T8511 ASTM B211, ASTM B221, AMS 4162
2618‑T6511, T8511 ASTM B221
6061‑T4, T6, T6511 ASTM B221, AMS 4160, AMS 4161, AMS 4150, AMS‑QQ‑A‑200/8
6061‑T6, T651 ASTM B211, AMS 4117, AMS‑QQ‑A‑225/8
6262‑T8, T9 ASTM B211, ASTM B221
7075‑T6, T6511, T73, T73511 ASTM B221, AMS 4154, AMS 4169, AMS 4166, AMS 4167,AMS‑QQ‑A‑200/11
7075‑T6, T651, T73, T7351 ASTM B211
7175‑T7351 ASTM B247, AMS 4344, AMS 4148, AMS 4149, AMS 4179
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